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Dr. Monica and her experienced team of dental professional guarantee you the very best dentures for you or a loved one at amazingly affordable prices! Get the look you desire and the perfect shade of new dentures that correctly fit your mouth; and in some cases look and feel even better than your original teeth. Enjoy a lifetime of ease and comfort, and finally enjoy the feel of having a natural looking smile from a great set of custom dentures.

We carefully craft your new dentures or dentures upgrade to the exact fit of your jaw and mouth for maximum comfort and beauty. Sparkle Dental guarantees you the greatest possible denture experience and a lifetime of having a beautiful smile that others will certainly envy.

What You Need To Know About Dentures:

Dentures include a full set of dentures to replace all teeth, and partial dentures that just replace one or more teeth while keeping the others. You may also choose from a wide variety of different types of denture materials that offer a better value and more comfort.

Also, custom shading is a denture option that provides a perfect match to your previous teeth color. With proper care that includes daily cleaning, yearly exams and soaking your dentures overnight they can easily lasts many years!

New beautiful dentures are typically constructed to resemble your natural teeth and smile. However, you also have the option of different shapes, colors and sizes of teeth! Whatever your preference we use the latest technology to custom fit new dentures to your exact specifications for the best possible comfort, look and feel.

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Full Or Partial Dentures

You initial appointment consists of making impressions to custom fit your new dentures. This is quick, completely painless and very easy, and it ensures maximized comfort and the perfect fit for your new dentures.

During your next appointment, Dr. Monica uses a temporary mold to guarantee that she has the best possible fitting, then checks during try-in appointment to make sure you are thoroughly pleased with the way your new dentures will fit. Whether you need a full set of dentures or just a partial denture, we provide you with the best possible denture solution at a low low price!

Call (586) 619-3920 today or stop by for your FREE DENTURE CONSULTATION, and take full advantage of our experience and knowhow so you can make the right decision for yourself or someone you love. We will never judge you or make you feel pressured, and you have absolutely no obligation of any kind at Sparkle Dental located at 31690 Hoover Rd in Warren, MI. 

Dr. Monica’s Custom Dentures Fit So Perfectly That Most People NEVER NEED Dental Adhesive!