Bad Foods For Work Lunches

Take Care Of Your Teeth With The Right Food Choices

Take Healthy Food For Lunch
Most working adults eat whatever they can for lunch as long as it is fast and easy. This could be anything from a McDonald's burger to a bowl of Instant Noodles. If you don't have time to brush your teeth after you eat, you might end up with bad breath that lingers with you for the rest of the day. You could also get stuck with food between your teeth, which may not be good for your overall image. Here is a list of bad food for work lunches that you should avoid at all costs.

A nice spinach salad may sound like a healthy lunch alternative, but it could lead to a full day of toothpicks and mirror checks. Spinach is notorious for getting caught in smiles, and it can be a pain to get out during a busy work day. Romaine lettuce can be just as healthy at times, and it has more crunch to steer clear of your teeth. You might try that instead.

Tuna is usually quick to prepare, but the smell of it is highly unappealing. To add insult to injury, tuna usually contains onions, which are guaranteed to hand around on your breath throughout the day. You'll be much better off with basic deli meat on a sandwich, rather than tuna fish. Save the tuna for times when you're alone at home.

Spicy Foods
Spicy foods can easily cause bad breath, and they can also make your stomach unhappy. You may end up spending the rest of the day in the bathroom if you eat the wrong food. If you are going to eat something spicy for lunch, try to minimize the amount of peppers you consume. Mild sauces and vegetables can still deliver the flavor you're looking for.

Corn is often served with fried chicken, making it a staple for lunches at KFC, Popeye's or wherever else you may decide to go. Corn, much like spinach, can easily get caught between your teeth. This is especially true if you eat it on the cob. For the same taste with less chances of having a strange smile, try cream corn as an alternative.

Garlic And Onion
Garlic and onion are used in a variety of dishes, and they can quickly make your breath smell foul for the rest of the day. You might want to avoid your favorite Italian restaurant during lunch unless you can take a second to run some Listerine through your mouth afterward. Conider this and the other tips above when selecting your work lunches, and you'll be able to avoid a lot of embarrassment.

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