The Healing Power Of A Beautiful Smile

How A Dental Procedure Can Restore A Battered Life

Woman Happy With Her Beautiful New Smile

Recently, a patient came to my dental office for a dental check-up and told me she hated her smile.  When I looked at her, I saw a beautiful woman with 4 fractured teeth in the front of her mouth.  I asked if any tooth trauma had occurred and she told me she went in to see an emergency dentist seeking help 6 years ago because she had fractured all of her teeth.  I asked her how she broke her front teeth and if she has ever had tooth pain since they were broken down to near the nerve from what the dental x-rays revealed.  Then she broke down in tears and told me her story.

She was married for several years to a physically and verbally abusive husband.  She has always had low self-esteem.  Her fractured front teeth were the outcome of his anger and abuse.  He slammed her face into the table and fractured her front teeth.  When she smiled she would always put her hands in front of her mouth so no one could see her teeth.  He hurt her physically and mentally and she was ready to make a change.  At our initial visit we took digital x-rays of her upper anterior teeth.  The upper lateral and central incisors were fractured.  We recommended all porcelain crowns or lumineers for these teeth.  At the time, the patient couldn’t afford all four crowns but was trying to save up to regain her smile.  We bonded composite filling material on her front teeth until she could afford the permanent changes with the crowns. 

After a couple months, she had saved some money and used her tax return money to perfect her smile.  We prepped all four upper anterior teeth for all porcelain crowns.  Today we permanently cemented her crowns on her upper anterior teeth.  When she looked in the mirror she started crying with tears of happiness.  She said, “I no longer have to look at what he did to me and have a constant reminder of the abuse I faced throughout my life.   Finally I am divorced and have a beautiful smile.  I can’t remember the last time I was this happy.  Thank you so much. Dr. Assad.”  Her old smile reminded her everyday what he did to her. It made it hard for her to move on with her life.  Smiling with confidence brings up an individuals self-esteem.  Everyone deserves to be healthy and smile with confidence. 

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