Ways To Pass The Time While Brushing Your Teeth

Here Are Some Habits People Use To Help Them Brush Their Teeth

Pass Time While Brushing Your Teeth Brushing your teeth should take a minimum of two minutes, and there is nothing you can do to speed that up. You have to devote enough time to your oral hygiene to make sure your smile is clean and healthy. With this in mind, there are some things you can do while you brush your teeth to pass the time. This will make the act seem like less of a hassle.

Play A Game On Your Phone
Most phone games only take one or two minutes to complete a level. You can catch up on Candy Crush or make a move on Words with Friends while you take care of your teeth. Just make sure that your hands are dry when you mess with the phone, and try to keep it away from the sink. Also note that one hand will be busy brushing teeth, so it can't be a two handed game.

Pick Out Your Outfit For The Day
If you have trouble picking out what to wear each day, this will give you a couple extra minutes to decide. Maybe you can use our nighttime brushing to choose the outfit and your morning brushing to pick the shoes and accessories. Try to hold whatever you look at away from your mouth in case a little toothpaste-spit tries to drool its way out of your mouth.

Read A Book Or Newspaper
Remember reading, that thing we all used to do before our phones read stuff to us? You could start reading a good book or check out what's happening in your local paper. If you like to coupon, you could use your brushing time on Sunday to start looking through the ads. You might not think you can read a lot in 2-5 minutes, but look how far you've come in this article already!

Do A Quick Workout
You can't get a ton of workout time in while brushing your teeth, but you might be able to stretch for a jog or do a few minutes on the treadmill. You obviously want to avoid exercises that require a lot of bending over or using one hand. Pushups, sit ups, etc. are not ideal. Nevertheless, you might be able to do just enough to feel good about yourself and start the day off with a great smile.

Find creative ways to pass time while brushing your teeth, and you won't find the activity to be so taxing in the end.

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