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Macomb County Michigan's Dr. Assad and her team of dental professionals offer you the very best in dentures and new dental technology. From the look and shade of your new dentures to the perfect fit, Sparkle Dental guarantees you awesome new dentures and many years to come with a better smile!

You get a free denture consultation, and we take the time to answer all your questions and concerns. We get you on the right track for a beautiful new smile with custom-made dentures. In fact, our dentures fit so well that most patients don’t have to use denture adhesive. However, if you still prefer to use a denture adhesive be sure to use as directed.  If used properly, dental adhesive can help to keep your dentures from slipping while eating the tougher foods you enjoy.   

Are There Different Kinds Of Dentures To Choose From?

Yes… There are two different types of dentures: full dentures will replace all missing teeth and partial dentures replace just a few missing teeth. You can also choose from different types of denture materials to achieve a better look and more comfortable feel.  Don’t settle for just any dentures… call Sparkle Dental today and get perfectly matched custom shading that will match your existing teeth. This process can guarantee an unnoticeable change with your new dentures if you desire.

What Is The Process For Getting New Dentures?

Custom Made Dentures In Warren

Your first appointment consists of a series of impressions to custom fit your jaw for maximized comfort and fit with your new dentures.  These impressions will be used to correctly align your jaw and your bite. During your second visit you will get a wax mold of the dentures. This way you try them out for comfort and ensure you are completely satisfied with the fitting and overall look and feel. 

After completing the wax mold, we send it out to our lab for the final denture creation. After that we will make any minor adjustments to your new dentures. This guarantees you are completely satisfied with the final look and feel of your new dentures.

How Do You Know If Dentures Are Right For You? Call (586) 619-3920 For Your Free Consultation

Are you embarrassed by missing teeth, or do you have soft or missing teeth that need attention? We can save your smile, make eating foods easier and provide lasting dental solutions that work. Give us a call today to schedule your free denture consultation. You can trust Dr. Assad and her skilled team of dental experts to provide you with the absolute best quality dentures in the Macomb County area!